Photography and Content Creation, Made Magical

Hello, I’m Andromeda!

Photographer, Multimedia Creative, Witch, and Content Specialist.

My passion lies in bridging art and design, spirituality, and content strategy.

A self-described multi-hyphenate and dilettante with a background in Human-Centered design, my goal is to always center your story, your voice, and your perspective.

Whether it’s your band’s next concert, your brand’s next social media campaign, or just a photoshoot to boost your self-confidence, your story is uniquely yours. Let’s work together and tell your story the way it was meant to be told.

Creative Services

Event and Portrait Photography

Let every photo highlight the true spirit of you and your life. 

When you choose Inlustris Visual Storytelling, your next photoshoot or event is not just any other day. ‚Äč

With packages to enhance your photo experience with tarot or spellwork, enchanted hand made photo prints, analog and digital photography options, we can do more than take photos. We can capture your essence.

Content Creation

Crafting spells of engagement and connection, one post at a time.

Does your social media and content marketing strategy need a helping hand?

From a total brand overhaul to fleshing out your existing content library, I’m here to be your personal content specialist.

Creative Guidance

Where imagination and strategy meet, magick unfolds.

Sometimes, all you need is a second pair of honest eyes.

With my years of diverse creative experience, I bring a unique and professionally informed perspective to your project’s table.